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We help people with real life challenges overcome barriers to weight loss, get out of pain, reverse disease, and take their lives back FOR GOOD!

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We created Access Physical Therapy becau

Chronic pain management

Rather than treat the symptoms with pain killers, we get to the root cause and help you to improve your pain and your quality of life. 

Our services

Weight loss and bariatric

Helping you exercise and lose weight without pain no matter what your current conditions or situation. Supporting bariatric patients, pre and post surgery.


Orthopedic and Sports injuries

Are you suffering from a recent injury? We treat common musculoskeletal injuries that occur from accidents, sports, overuse, and everyday life.

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How we treat

Imagine getting treatment fast and effectively from the comfort of your own home. Our personalized treatment is delivered through live telehealth.

A vast majority of patients do not need to have hands on therapy to be correctly diagnosed and treated. We can analyze your movements whether standing in person with you or over video. In fact, it's exactly the same.

Manual therapy may help you in the moment, but the treatment we provide empowers you to get better and see results in the long term.

Get quick and easy access to a healthcare specialist without the need to travel.

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Meet Dr Anderson

We have a passion for solving patient problems and a unique coaching approach that helps you stick with your plan of care to get you the best results possible! Whether its pain reduction, getting over injury or losing weight.

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Lydia was great and scheduling the appointment was fast and easy. Lydia listened to my concerns and explained the source of my pain. She walked me through several exercises and also sent me a care plan. I'm very happy with my experience.

What our clients say



Lydia Anderson is a world-class physical therapist who is able to meet the needs of clients regardless of where they live. Having worked with high performing doctors in New York City — the hub of it all — a good portion of my life, Lydia could run circles around the best of physical therapists. Why? Because she is ridiculously knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful, passionate, and caring in her approach.

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Dr. Anderson is instrumental in helping me relieve my neck and shoulder pain. She explains everything to my level of understanding. I highly recommend Access Physical Therapy for anyone who needs it.

We love to share our passion for physical therapy and help as many people as we can. We regularly share tips and video guides on our facebook page. 

If you are looking for weight loss guidance, join our Facebook group. You will enjoy a great environment of support and engagement as well as free advice from a healthcare professional.

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