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As licensed professional Physical Therapists, we aim to offer superior medical services in order to meet our patients’ needs. We are highly committed to offering high quality care to communities in Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. It’s taken us years of hard work to get where we are today, to the point where we can say your health is in good hands.

Chronic Pain Management

If you are living in chronic pain, you are likely one of millions who may have relied on opioid therapies and medications to manage your pain to find little to no relief and nowhere to turn. Did you know that physical therapy is the number one recommended choice for management of chronic pain? At APT, we know that pain is multifaceted and complex, and that a “one-size fits all” solution rarely gets results. Ask us how we can help you regain your function and improve your quality of life.

Bariatric Physical Therapy

Our team understands the challenges presented by obesity and being overwhelmed by the wealth of misinformation regarding weight loss and fitness. At APT, we use a holistic approach to ensure that each individual has the best outcome possible. If you have difficulty moving or pain, let APT help you get the strength you need to achieve your goals. Considering Bariatric Surgery? Choose APT to fulfill your pre-surgical requirements. Want to avoid surgery? Let us empower you to meet your goals!

Orthopedic and Sport Injuries

Are you suffering from a recent injury or just want to optimize your performance? Is recurrent pain and achiness creeping in? Our team has years of experience treating common musculoskeletal injuries that occur from accidents, sports, and everyday life. Contact us to learn how we can help you return to pain-free living and prevent future injuries. Need some advice on proper exercise form or implementing an exercise program? Schedule a wellness evaluation today. 

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Dr. Lydia D. Anderson, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Anderson completed her undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University and earned her Bachelors of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2010. After three years of participating in cancer research, she continued her graduate studies at Chapman University in Orange, California, earning her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the nation’s longest accredited Physical Therapy school. 


Dr. Anderson’s areas of interest are bariatric physical therapy, management of chronic pain disorders, orthopedic injuries, functional movement rehabilitation, geriatric therapy, and orthotic management of the foot and ankle. As a native of the rural Midwest and a current resident of Massachusetts, Dr. Anderson knows the constraints time and location can place on receiving quality healthcare services, which is why she is happy to provide Telehealth services to patients who need quick and easy to access healthcare. 


When she is not at work, Dr. Anderson enjoys staying active, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two sons. She is a member of the Massachusetts Physical Therapy Association and American Physical Therapy Association and is a member of the Orthopedic and Foot and Ankle Special Interest Groups. 

Benefits of Telehealth

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Hospitals and medical professionals are striving to reach more and more patients where they are; anywhere and everywhere.  Telehealth gives providers the tools to engage even the most remote patients

Expands Patient Outreach

Reducing the need to travel to and from a medical appointment greatly impacts healthcare affordability.  Not worrying about taking time off from work, parking fees, and childcare expenses is a huge load off for someone seeking a better quality of life

Reduces Patient Costs

Being able to see a professional about medical issues creates a comfort of security and privacy.  Patients recover faster when they are closer to home and have immediate access to friends and family

Enables the Comfort and Privacy of Home

Telehealth enables patients to have flexibility in their planning.  You and your medical professional are able to make a customized care plan that works for your schedule

Maximizes Flexibility


Doctor of Physical Therapy


*Currently accepting patients in Oklahoma and Massachusetts

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